What We Do

Limiting the probability of a loss in the first year with us in a high priority.

Our methodology

Our signature service begins with a needs-based questionnaire to determine our client’s profile. Factors affecting a portfolio management plan encompass amount of return, liquidity, life stage needs, risk tolerance, aggressive vs. conservative approach and the volatility of today’s market. Based on the financial goals, investment objectives and risk tolerance of each individual, family or business, Collar Capital will design and maintain a customized investment policy that will keep our clients on course and on target.
By staying tuned to current financial issues and uncovering future economic themes, Collar Capital is able to find the optimal investment instrument in line with investment objectives. With dynamic resources available to us, and no ties to specific products, we strive to buy securities that are trading at significant discounts to their intrinsic value. Our consistent and disciplined approach to buying, holding or selling an investment enables us to act when the right opportunity surfaces. Knowing when to invest is as important as knowing how to invest and what to invest in.
Careful construction of a portfolio may take up to six months. We believe this approach to deploying capital lowers the chance of a loss in year one. Once financial goals are set and an investment plan is established, we monitor it closely so our clients are free from this task.
Enhancing Collar Capital’s commitment to quality, security and attention to detail is the expertise of Interactive Brokers, the custodian of our clients’ investments. Interactive Brokers has been a leader in technology and trading innovation on Wall Street for more than 32 years.